Obituary: Geoffrey W Potts

Geoff was born on 15th February 1941 and died on Easter Monday 18th April 2022. His funeral will be held on Saturday 21st May in Cornwall. If you would like to attend please contact Willie Wilson for details. Geoff was a tall man with a craggy face but gentle with it. His main interest for much of … Read more

Leading UK marine scientists welcome the move towards a global plastics pact ahead of major UN meeting

Plastic pollution is universally accepted as having dire effects on the world’s marine life and ecosystems, in addition to presenting risks to human health including through the leaching of chemical additives and consumption of microplastics contained in seafood. Yet while there are a number of international, national and localised commitments, policies and initiatives designed to … Read more

The Conchological Society blog

Those of us working on the Darwin Tree of Life (DToL) project based at the Marine Biological Association (MBA) are on a mission to collect and identify all Eukaryote species in the ocean surrounding Britain and Ireland. Some of these are notoriously tricky to identify, so we often work with experts who know a lot about … Read more

Women in STEM: My journey as a marine biologist

This week as many celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we’ve put the spotlight on one of our female scientists. Kesella Scott-Somme, Research Assistant on the Darwin Tree of Life project team at the Marine Biological Association (MBA) talks about her experience as a women in marine biology and how inclusivity is key in … Read more

Happy birthday Charles Darwin!

Charles Darwin was born on 12 February 1809; which would make Saturday 12 February, 2022 his 213th Birthday! However the scientific journey he started is still just in its early days. In 1837 Darwin first sketched his theories of how life might evolve along the branches of an imaginary tree, which he referred to as the … Read more

Sir Crispin Tickell and Professor Mike Thorndyke

It is with great sadness that we are announcing that two MBA members who played significant roles within the MBA, and therefore who some of you may have known, have recently passed away. Brief details are provided below. Sir Crispin Tickell, MBA President, 1990 to 2001 Sir Crispin Tickell, a career diplomat and environmentalist who … Read more

Hopeful future for endangered whales thanks to funding boost

An important marine monitoring programme will help piece together vital information on a number of critically endangered marine species, including the North Atlantic right whale. North Atlantic right whales are some of the most endangered whales in the world. Credit: NOAA Fisheries Thanks to new funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (US),  the Woods Hole Oceanographic … Read more

Marine biologists part of global effort to map genomes of life on earth

Without action to curb climate change and protect the health of global ecosystems, Earth is forecast to lose 50 per cent of its biodiversity by the end of this century. Researchers from the Marine Biological Association (MBA) are collecting marine species in a UK-wide initiative to sequence the genomes (genetic information) of thousands of native species. This … Read more

Identifying environmental niche shifts is key for forecasting future species distributions

Marine Biological Association (MBA) Research Fellow Dr Nova Mieszkowska and PhD student Katherine Park from the Mieszkowska Group have published a paper in Diversity and Distributions on rapid niche shifts which act as drivers for the spread of non-indigenous species.  Non-indigenous species (NIS) are one of the biggest threats to global biodiversity. Identifying environmental niche shifts is key for forecasting future species … Read more