CPR Survey announces opportunity for technical partner

The Marine Biological Association is excited to announce an opportunity for a technical partner to produce a cloud-based data management and publication solution to meet the operational needs of the CPR Survey.  The solution will enable rapid and accurate data entry, analysis, visualisation and publication using global standards for marine biological data.  Driven by almost … Read more

Marine Biological Association announces major recruitment drive

The Marine Biological Association (MBA), one of the world’s longest-running learned societies on marine biology research is launching a major recruitment drive. The organisation was first founded in 1884 and has been based at Citadel Hill, overlooking the Plymouth Sound for 135 years. With recent funding and expansion plans, the Marine Biological Association (MBA) is now looking … Read more

Plankton modelling system forecasts important shifts in phenology and community composition in the North Atlantic Ocean

Significant changes in plankton abundance and seasonality due to global climate change could alter the biological carbon pump in the ocean, according to new research. Current Earth System Models (ESMs) used by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are projecting a decline in phytoplankton (plant plankton) abundance, and predict large seasonal shifts that may … Read more

Pete Rendle – 47 years of service

Appointed to the MBA on 18th October 1976 as Deck Hand/Engineer on our past Research Vessels Sepia (a previous version of our current RV Sepia) and RV Squilla. Pete has been dedicated to the Marine Biological Association for over 47 years. Prior to that, Pete started as a fitter with the Royal Navy.  He studied Marine … Read more

High Seas Treaty: Should we be celebrating?

Nations around the world have agreed to a High Seas Treaty to protect marine biodiversity and provide oversight of international waters. The agreement on ‘Marine Biodiversity of Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction’ (BBNJ) provides a legal framework on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity of our ocean beyond national jurisdiction. MBA Trustee Angelique … Read more

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

To celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we are highlighting some of our inspiring female marine biologists here at the Marine Biological Association. Dr Katherine Helliwell Dr Katherine Helliwell is a NERC Independent Research Fellow, as a joint appointment with University of Exeter, in molecular microbiology and is Research Lead on the … Read more

Continued plankton research crucial to predict the future of ocean life in a changing climate

Gaps in plankton monitoring need to be urgently addressed to assess the impact of climate change on marine life, according to researchers.  Scientists from the Marine Biological Association (MBA) and over 20 universities and research institutions across the world say more work needs to be done to untangle the climate-driven environmental impacts on plankton. Plankton are a diverse collection … Read more

Pioneering techniques helps reveal how link between seaweed habitats and the seafloor may affect the global carbon cycling

Scientists from Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) and the Marine Biological Association (MBA) have used environmental DNA (eDNA) and ocean modelling to follow the dispersal of carbon rich seaweed material, to help improve understanding of natural climate change mitigation solutions provided by seaweed habitats and the patches of seafloor with which they are connected. Seaweed ’leaf … Read more

Plankton could hold key for understanding link between ocean pollution and human health

Plankton may offer a way to monitor historical marine pollution trends, and could be used to predict trends in human health, according to new research. Using samples from the Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) Survey, an international team of scientists have suggested that rising levels of manmade chemicals found in the ocean could be used to … Read more

Obituary: Dr Eve Southward

It is with deep sorrow that the Marine Biological Association announces the sad passing of Dr Eve Southward, Lankester Research Fellow at the MBA, who died peacefully on the morning of 2nd January 2023 after suffering a stroke. She was 92. Eve was an expert on marine worms, echinoderms and hydrothermal vent fauna as well … Read more