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Cocaine and Crustaceans

A laboratory in a box

Salty Science – Four marine scientists rowing across an ocean

The Marine Biologist Front Cover January 2024 Issue 29

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The Marine Biologist is an exclusive and beautifully produced quarterly magazine that covers all the important developments in our knowledge of life in the sea.

In this edition, leading experts, up-and-coming marine biologists, and enthusiastic amateurs bring us the best in the field. What they share is an unquenchable curiosity about life in the sea and a desire to leave the ocean in a better state than they found it. 

MBA member and avid beachcomber Craig Pinder found a kilogram of cocaine on a Dorset beach but was far more interested in the goose barnacles attached to the package than its contents. His journey of discovery inspired us so much we made it the cover story.  

A message that surfaces repeatedly in this edition is that diverse approaches and perspectives are fundamental to marine management. We feature articles on centring the needs of coastal communities, deep sea governance, and three generations of marine scientists who have just crossed the Atlantic in an 8-metre rowing boat.  

Look out for the April edition in which we will celebrate the MBA’s 140th birthday with a very special guest editorial. Full access to the printed and online editions is a benefit of MBA membership. However, you can read two exclusive articles from this edition:

Cocaine and Crustaceans

Salty Science – Four marine scientists rowing across an ocean, for the oceans  


We are seeking content for the July 2024 edition of the magazine. We are looking for articles based on current scientific research, marine policy, careers, and education. Opinion pieces, letters, art, and fiction are welcome as are reviews of relevant books, movies, and podcasts. The deadline for submissions is 18 April 2024. We welcome contributions from people at any stage of their marine biology journey. Please see the Submissions guidelines (click on ‘Submit an article’ on the magazine website) or contact the for further information.

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