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Basking shark circles in the sea

Seven islands, one seabird

My MBA membership journey so far

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The Marine Biologist is a beautifully produced and exclusive quarterly magazine that covers all the important developments in our knowledge of ocean life.

Where better to look for inspiration than in the silence and timelessness of the deep sea. Joe Wells and colleagues guide us to the remote tropical Atlantic where the latest UK Blue Belt expedition charts unknown depths and the abundant marine life that surrounds Ascension Island and St Helena. This is a very timely reminder of how diverse and abundant the ocean could be everywhere.

Snails with an armour-plated foot and fish with transparent heads are examples of traits that have evolved to survive the rigours of life in the deep sea. Robert Blasiak of the Stockholm resilience Centre treats us to a fascinating account of how deep sea animals have inspired ideas that spur invention.

Deb Rowan Wright unpacks the High Seas Treaty exclusively for readers of The Marine Biologist magazine.

The Marine Biological Association has a very popular membership category for young people. Lorraine Aldridge embodies the spirit of taking opportunities and explains how MBA membership has helped her at every stage of her journey.

All this plus the latest stories ‘in brief’, book reviews, and opportunities to get involved. Full access to the printed and online editions is a benefit of MBA membership. However, you can read exclusive articles from this edition:

Seven islands, one seabird by Constance Schéré.  

My MBA membership journey so far by Lorraine Aldridge.

Our podcasts explore articles from each edition of the magazine in depth. In our latest podcast ‘Slow-motion speed dating and other shark matters’ we are proud to welcome Professor David Sims. Listen here

The magazine is available in print and online and is just one of the benefits of membership of the Marine Biological Association. Members are supported on their journeys in marine biology and there is a membership category for anyone interested in life in the sea. Join the MBA today and connect to a global community of marine scientists and professionals.

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The Marine Biologist Podcast

Our podcast explores articles from each edition of the magazine in depth.

In our latest episode, we are proud to welcome shark expert Professor David Sims for a conversation about basking shark ‘speed dating’ and much more.

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