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Strengthening Marine Biodiversity Observations

Turning up the heat: rapid intensification and long-lasting impacts of marine heatwaves

Irreplaceable habitats

The Marine Biologist Magazine Oct 2023

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The Marine Biologist is an exclusive and beautifully produced quarterly magazine that covers all the important developments in our knowledge of life in the sea.

Join us to celebrate 10 years of The Marine Biologist magazine.

Since 2013, we have featured hundreds of authoritative and engaging articles from top names in the field, students, citizen scientists, and Young Marine Biologists. To mark this milestone, we are making available a number of our favourite articles from across the discipline of marine biology.

Our cover story by Dr Amelia Bridges is about the deep sea and whether we know enough to exploit it safely.

The theme of this edition is the seabed, and why some areas are particularly important for ocean and human health.

All this plus a roundup of the latest stories, book reviews, and opportunities to get involved. Full access to the printed and online editions is a benefit of MBA membership. However, you can read exclusive articles from this edition:

Strengthening Marine Biodiversity Observations Introducing MARCO-BOLO, an international project that brings new approaches to marshalling and mobilizing biodiversity research data

Turning up the heat by Dr Dan Smale and Dr Thomas Wernberg. The 2011 marine heatwave off the coast of Western Australia had major consequences for seabed habitats. Ten years on, have things returned to how they were before?

Irreplaceable habitats by Heid Tillin and Charlotte Johnson. When do human impacts on the marine environment really matter? A new project will help guide developers, planners, and regulators avoid irreversible impacts.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Marine Biologist magazine, we are making ten of our favourite articles freely available for a limited period!

The Marine Biologist: our ten favourite articles.

Big, Blue and beautiful: Sylvia Earle and Dan Laffoley

Oceans of change: Callum Roberts

Searching for river monsters: Ruth H. Leeney

The fall of the great ocean farmers: Matthew Savoca

Basking shark circles in the sea: David Sims and Simon Berrow

Two views on a revolution in aquaculture: Doug McCauley and colleagues

Have you asked the fishers how to safeguard the fish?: Alifa Haque

Evolution of the pelagic ecosystem: a history written in tiny teeth: Elizabeth Sibert

How to find the right PhD            

‘Marine management’ – making an oxymoron more meaningful: Charles Sheppard

We hope you enjoy these articles as much as we have. If you would like to receive 4 copies of The Marine Biologist magazine a year along with a host of other benefits to support you on your marine biological journey, why not consider joining the MBA.

The Marine Biologist podcast explores articles from each edition of the magazine in greater depth. In our latest episode, ‘First to the feast – when ocean hunters converge’ we dive in with Alicia Burns, a behavioural biologist who swims with some of the ocean’s most exciting predators! Listen here.

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We are seeking content for the April 2024 edition of the magazine. We are looking for articles based on current scientific research, marine policy, careers, and education. Opinion pieces, letters, art, and fiction are welcome as are reviews of relevant books, movies, and podcasts. The deadline for submissions is 26 January 2024. We welcome contributions from people at any stage of their marine biology journey. Please see the Submissions guidelines (click on ‘Submit an article’ on the magazine website) or contact the for further information.

The Marine Biologist Podcast

Our podcast explores articles from each edition of the magazine in depth.

In our latest episode, First to the feast – when ocean hunters converge we dive in with Alicia Burns, a behavioural biologist who swims with some of the ocean’s most exciting predators!

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