Climate change driving changes of plankton in our ocean

Scientists have discovered that the heating up of the North Atlantic is causing plankton to shift and change in abundance, indicating a threat to the earth’s climate. Dr Clare Ostle, Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) Research Fellow and Pacific Coordinator from the Marine Biological Association (MBA) led a study which reveals the transforming levels of plankton … Read more

National Centre for Coastal Autonomy unlocks radical new capabilities for coastal science

The potential for autonomous technology to advance understanding of our constantly evolving ocean and coastlines has taken a major step forward with the launch of the National Centre for Coastal Autonomy. The UK’s first autonomous fully integrated coastal observing and monitoring network employs the latest autonomous technologies to drive towards a net zero oceanographic capability, … Read more

Marine Biological Association receives grant to support the largest marine ecological survey in the world

The Marine Biological Association (MBA) has been awarded £400,000, which will improve its research facilities, reinforcing its position as leaders in marine science. Trustees from the Garfield Weston Foundation have awarded a grant of £400,000 towards the first phase of the refurbishment and redevelopment project at the MBA’s HQ at Citadel Hill, Plymouth. This transformational award of £400,000 … Read more

Ocean forests vitally important as the rainforest

A global study has found that ocean forests are amongst the most productive ecosystems on planet Earth. Scientists from the Marine Biological Association were part of an international team that collected data on ocean forests all over the world. They found that these forests can be larger, and just as productive for sustaining life as … Read more

Mysterious circles of basking sharks explained

Rarely observed circling behaviours of endangered basking sharks have now been explained as ‘shark speed dating’ courtship displays, thanks to a new study. Marine biologists from the Marine Biological Association (MBA), the Irish Basking Shark Group and colleagues have led ground-breaking research which reveals the circles of basking sharks seen off western Ireland are engaged … Read more

Taking the plunge with a fresh new look

For almost 140 years, The Marine Biological Association (MBA) has been the voice of marine biology. Now we can reveal our new branding and website, which demonstrates our continued passion for the understanding of the ocean and life that resides there. This bold new look has been created to reflect the integrity of our research, … Read more