At a meeting of the Privy Council at the Court at Buckingham Palace on the 15th May 2013, Her Majesty the Queen approved the grant of a Royal Charter to the Marine Biological Association. The Charter was granted in recognition of the MBA’s long and eminent history (the MBA has been a Learned Society since 1884) and its status within the field of marine biology. 

The objects of the Association (MBA) are ‘to promote the investigation, and to disseminate knowledge, of the seas and marine life, including the use of marine and other organisms for basic biosciences for the benefit of the public (where biosciences means marine biology in its widest sense)”.

The Association, MBA President and Council are responsible to the Privy Council for ensuring that business is conducted in accordance with the object and powers as expressed in the Royal Charter. The MBA is also registered as a charity, so is regulated by the Charity Commission in terms of statutory reporting.