Professor Stuart Rogers OBE FMBA MSc PhD – Finance, Audit and Risk Committee

Prof Stuart Rogers
Professor Stuart Rogers

Since his recent retirement from the Cefas Laboratory in Lowestoft (established by the Marine Biological Association in 1902!) Professor Rogers was responsible for the strategic direction of Cefas science and accountable for the quality of evidence and advice that Cefas provided. As an Executive Director on the Management Board he was also actively involved in long-term planning to ensure that our UK and international government partners have the most appropriate marine evidence to support decision making. Increasingly this requires partnership working across the government network and with other Institutes to make the best use of limited resources and to generate innovative solutions. Professor Rogers has a background as a marine environmental scientist and advisor, having completed undergraduate and doctoral studies as a fisheries ecologist at the University of Bristol and Plymouth University. He is familiar with environmental and fisheries management in the UK and Europe, and has chaired and contributed to a broad range of technical and science advisory Groups. In particular he was closely involved in the drafting and implementation of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Although until recently an actively publishing scientist, he has become increasingly interested in how to encourage early career scientists to reach their full potential. This is a real challenge at a time when development of world class skills through consistent funding in a single field is increasingly difficult