Young Marine Biologist Summit 2022 – Book now!

We are just two weeks away from Young Marine Biologist Summit 2022

This year looks to uncover our Hidden Ocean. The event is open to all whether you are a Young Marine Biologist Member, fascinated by the Ocean or a teacher wanting to share with your students. 

We have a fantastic line up of speakers from across our Blue Planet to bring you their latest research, share their passion for the area of ocean that they love. You will enter the Hidden Ocean to discover deep-sea hydrothermal vent and the latest discoveries, learn about everything from plankton, corals and marine yeast, to how medicines can be made from sea slugs and microbes thrive in ‘poop’.

Dr Gill Rider CB, President of the Marine Biological Association said: “The tiniest creatures in our ocean – the plankton and the microbes – underpin all life in our ocean. Without them we simply would not have the beautiful diverse ocean that we see today from wherever you live across this watery world. Thanks to some incredible speakers at this year’s Young Marine Biologist Summit; you will be able to learn even more about this beautiful, hidden and mysterious world of our ocean.”

This event is in partnership with Save our Seas Foundation.

Register to this free, online event using the book now button below. Access the full programme of talks here.