Rebekka Uhl BSc MRes

Research Assistant

Rebekkah Uhl standing in lab coat with research equipment

I am a research technician for the Darwin Tree of Life project and am responsible for collecting, identifying and sometimes culturing marine specimen, as well as carrying out DNA barcoding for molecular identification. I completed my BSc in Biology at the University of St Andrews, where I worked on my dissertation with Prof David Paterson, studying benthic diatom locomotion and how their speed and extracellular polymeric substance composition is influenced by external stressors. Subsequently I completed an MRes where I was working on identifying the function of a carbohydrate processing enzyme, HexD. I moved to Plymouth to satiate my interests in marine biology, working for the husbandry team at the National Marine Aquarium before the MBA. I have a big interest in marine life, in particular the smaller easily missed things that are often spectacular. In my free time, I am also a keen climber and sea swimmer!