Cat Wilding, BSc, MRes

PhD Student

Cat Wilding on the rocky shore smiling

I’m a marine ecologist with 6 years’ of research experience in seaweed cultivation, ecology, and restoration, and >15 years’ working with a broader marine research and conservation remit. Through my current role as Senior Research Assistant in the Benthic Ecosystems and Environmental Change group supervised by Dr Dan Smale. I support a dynamic research group of 12 scientists though work as a scientific diver, commercially endorsed skipper, on the rocky shore and in the lab. I have a keen interest in applied research outcomes and enjoy working closely with industry partners. My research focusses optimising seaweed farming in the UK, quantifying the ecosystem services (e.g. habitat provision and CO2 draw down) provided by seaweed farms, and exploring feasibility of kelp forest restoration in a UK context.

I hold a Master’s in Research degree in Marine Biology, and have previously worked for Cornwall Wildlife Trust and the National Lobster Hatchery. I’m passionate about marine conservation, sustainable resource management, and improved marine stewardship. I aim to contribute towards these goals by translating research outcomes into commercial outputs, and showcasing how fascinating and important marine ecosystems are.