Dr Freya Womersley

Postdoctoral Research Scientist



I am a conservation biologist currently completing my PhD research in the Sims Lab. My goal is to undertake research that can directly inform policy and sustainable management of marine species and habitats. At the moment my work focuses on exploring how movements and behaviours of pelagic sharks can be integrated into management through an understanding of their interactions with human activities now and in future oceans.

Through my research and professional development I have aimed to collaborate widely and approach topics where conservation and biology/ ecology converge, while fuelling my own passions and interests in the ocean.

Born in the UK, I studied Biological Sciences at undergraduate level at the University of Exeter where I developed an interest in marine ecology.

After my studies, I wanted to experience the ocean first hand and immerse myself in the front lines of conservation. Particularly intrigued by sharks, I first spent time working in Seychelles for a whale shark focussed NGO and then for other projects across the world. Working with local communities and dedicated researchers in the field shaped me into the scientist I am today and led me to continue my MSci and PhD research. 

In my spare time I love to hike, wild camp and swim and to dive.