Eleanor Gilbert

PhD Student

Eleanor Gilbert


I am a PhD student at the University of Plymouth and the Marine Biological Association. I am funded by ARIES (NERC) and work with Dr Venky Modepalli. My project uses transcriptomics, bioinformatics and molecular techniques to look at the evolution of the apical organ and apical tuft in cnidarians. I work primarily on the starlet sea anemone (Nematostella vectensis), but also moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) and coral (Acropora sp.).

My entire academic career has been based in Plymouth. I obtained my BSc in Marine Biology and Oceanography from the university in 2019 and continued onto the MRes Marine Biology masters before applying for my PhD.

I would like a career in industry following my PhD. I am keen to apply the lab techniques that I have learned here in the field of biotechnology. I am particularly interested in biopharmaceuticals, sustainable product development, and food security.

Outside of academia, I am a musician, a keen cook, an avid swimmer, and I spend a lot of my free time reading and crafting.