Dr Matthew Keys

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Matt Keys


I am a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant within the Wheeler Group. My research interests are broadly focused on the effects of climate change on marine phytoplankton, including how multiple stressors interact to impact physiological performance at the species level, and community structure, photosynthesis and carbon budgets at the population level. I studied for my PhD at Plymouth Marine Laboratory where my research focussed on the combined effects of elevated CO2 and temperature on natural phytoplankton community taxonomic composition and rates of photosynthetic carbon uptake. Following my PhD award in 2018, I worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Plymouth on a diatom project, investigating unique lipid signatures produced by the marine diatom Rhizosolenia setigera as a novel proxy for biomass estimates. During my Post-Doctoral project at the MBA I will be assessing how cell size constrains carbon uptake in marine diatoms. Using ion-selective microelectrodes, I am currently measuring dynamic changes in carbonate chemistry within the cell surface microenvironment of marine diatoms at the single cell level, across a range of cell sizes.