Amy Jeffries BSc

PhD Student

Amy Jeffries smiling with an image of a Basking Shark mouth open behind her

I am a marine biologist currently completing my PhD with the Sims Lab at the Marine Biological Association in conjunction with the University of Southampton, as part of the European Research Council funded project OCEAN DEOXYFISH. My research explores the impacts of declining dissolved oxygen levels in our world’s oceans, and the effects this is having on the physiological ecology of marine predators, in particular wide-ranging oceanic shark species. Through my research I aim to provide better insights into how sharks navigate their 3D environment and determine their responses to changing oceanic conditions. Prior to starting my PhD, I completed my MRes Marine Biology degree at the University of Plymouth in collaboration with the MBA and studied Marine Biology at undergraduate level with the University of Exeter. Alongside my studies I have participated in various field work experiences roles as I wanted to be at the forefront of the conservation action. I worked in South Africa for an NGO; it was here where I saw my first shark in its natural habitat. This encounter sparked my enthusiasm to help contribute to the species conservation efforts through my research.