Soapbox Science: Shedding light on the fascinating world of algae and algae blooms

Katherine Helliwell and Susie Wharam presenting at Soapbox Science in Exeter Quayside

A Marine Biological Association (MBA) researcher captivated audiences with her insightful presentation on the topic of algae and algal blooms at the popular Soapbox Science series.

Soapbox Science is a public outreach event aiming to showcase the research of women and non-binary scientists who are making significant contributions to the scientific community.

Held on Saturday 22June at Exeter Quayside, MBA and University of Exeter NERC Independent Research Fellow Dr Katherine Helliwell did a presentation on ‘Algae with big impacts: from blooms to biotech’ with assistance from MBA Molecular Biology Technician Dr Susie Wharam.

Dr Helliwell’s talk explored the mysterious and captivating world of algae and algae blooms, highlighting its importance and impact on our environment.

As a fun family day out, Dr Helliwell and her team prepared lots of interactive activities and props to explain the importance of algal research. From giant blooms to paper microscopes to visualise algal cells down the microscope – bringing algal research to life! Dr Helliwell said: “This was a really fun day out and we were thrilled to see so much engagement from the public and recognition of the importance of algal research.”