Scientific innovation at the cutting edge

Our vision is to pursue cutting edge marine biological research leading to discoveries of global significance.

We examine how marine organisms function and explore their responses to changing environmental pressures.  We apply the knowledge gained to promote the most sustainable use of our oceans.

The MBA Research Programme aims to understand the complex processes underpinning the structure and function of marine ecosystems. Our scientists study the molecular and cell biology, physiology and ecology of diverse marine organisms, from viruses, microbes and marine plankton through to giant kelps and large predators such as sharks.  The discoveries help to understand ocean biodiversity and better predict responses of organisms and ecosystems to future environmental change.

MBA Research is achieved by world-leading marine scientists in their fields, who each head up a research group with a strong interdisciplinary focus supported by sustainable funding and innovative collaborations.

Our research is internationally recognised for its quality and long-lasting impact. Contributions made by MBA scientists since 1884 have been highlighted by numerous awards, including the Royal Society’s Royal and Darwin Medals, and the International Prize in Biology.

The MBA is a member of the European Marine Biological Resource Centre.