New MBA Fellows Announced

The Marine Biological Association (MBA) is delighted to announce the appointment of two new Fellows. MBA Fellows are senior practitioners in marine biology who have contributed to the discipline at the highest level.

The status of Fellow of the MBA is awarded in recognition of distinguished and long-term contributions to marine biology at the highest level, in areas that include research, policy, education, outreach, or professional and public service. The title of Fellow of the Marine Biological Association, FMBA, was first awarded in 2014, following granting of a Royal Charter to the MBA.

Professor Michael Cunliffe FMBA

Dr Michael Cunliffe

Professor Michael Cunliffe, BSc Hons (University of Liverpool), MSc (University of Manchester), PhD (University of Manchester), FMBA, Professor of Marine Microbiology at the University of Plymouth (2014 – present), and Director of Science and Senior Research Fellow at the Marine Biological Association (2010-present).

Michael creates knowledge through research and communicates knowledge through teaching, outreach and knowledge exchange activities. As Director of Science at MBA, Michael also oversees others at the MBA in creating and communication of knowledge. He leads a diverse research group who study a range of topics in microbial biology, ecology, and evolution. The research group works both in the lab and out in the marine environment, locally around Plymouth and in distant locations, including polar regions and the open ocean. Skills and tools developed from studying marine microbial diversity are also being applied more broadly, such as with environmental DNA (eDNA) based approaches, to study all marine biodiversity.

Dr Sandra Shumway FMBA

Dr Sandra Shumway FMBA

Sandra (Sandy) Shumway, B.Sc., Long Island University; Ph.D., D.Sc. (University College of North Wales Bangor) is currently Research Professor Emerita at the University of Connecticut, USA. 

Her career spans almost five decades of research in environmental physiology of marine invertebrates, impacts of harmful algae, biofouling control of aquatic nuisance species, and microplastics, much of it focused on shellfish and aquaculture.

She currently serves as Editor of the Journal of Shellfish Research and Reviews in Fisheries Science and Aquaculture, and is a former Editor of the Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, and founded and served as Editor of Harmful Algae.

She has worked in academia, government, and regularly collaborates with NGO and industry and continues all of these activities as well as mentoring students.