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Call for submissions

We are seeking content for the April 2021 edition of the magazine. We welcome reviews of scientific literature; opinion pieces; letters; reviews of books, movies, and podcasts; poems, art, and fiction.
The deadline for submissions is 17 January, 2021. Please see our submissions guidelines or contact the Editor if you have an idea you'd like to discuss.

Keep up with the very latest in marine biological research, careers, education, and policy in our unique magazine. The Marine Biologist attracts submissions from leading names in the field, and encourages contributions from early-career writers. See our submissions guidelines.

We are delighted to announce that we have increased production to four editions a year, bringing readers big-name writers, more ground-breaking research, more news and opinion, and most important of all, more opportunities to get involved.

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A very warm welcome, wherever you are, to our first ever January edition!

In this edition we ask, how will we relate to nature and go about science in a fast-changing world? 

A very warm welcome to the first July edition of The Marine Biologist magazine! Since its creation in 2013 the magazine has been very well received and we have been privileged to publish many wonderful and fascinating articles.

We are proud to have published over 190 original, informative, and inspiring articles spanning all aspects of marine biology, written by contributors ranging from world-famous ‘ocean elders’ to volunteers, and scientists at the start of their careers.


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We welcome relevant articles, opinion pieces and reviews. See the submissions tab for further information.

Submissions to the magazine

We welcome submissions of articles about marine life and will consider ideas from anyone, regardless of age or background.

The magazine publishes reviews of scientific literature; opinion pieces; letters; reviews of books, movies, and podcasts; poems, art and fiction. Articles should be original and your own work. We are especially interested in articles that are new, or that give an interesting perspective on an existing subject, and that are relevant to current ocean issues.

Guidelines for contributors

Articles should be original and informative, and written for a wide audience that includes academics, students, interested amateurs, and young people. The writing style for the magazine should be concise, but much less formal than that of a scientific paper. We ask that contributors write in the first person, use straightforward language, and avoid jargon. At the same time we welcome depth and detail on science, scientific techniques, and so forth where it is appropriate.

A main article for The Marine Biologist magazine can be anything upwards of 1,000 words in length. Shorter pieces are also popular as they help vary the pace of the magazine, and these are very welcome.

Representative, colourful images or graphics will always support a story. You will need to own the copyright of images you submit, or have written permission from the copyright owner to use them in the context of a magazine that will be widely distributed.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer payment for articles.


If you have an idea for an article, or opinions about the magazine we would be delighted to hear from you.

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