Marine Biological Association showcases expertise at EMODnet Open Conference and Jamboree

DASSH Senior Data Officer Chloe Figueroa Ashforth presenting at the EMODnet Open Conference.

Members of the DASSH Team at the Marine Biological Association (MBA) participated in the highly anticipated EMODnet Open Conference and Jamboree.

DASSH Data Manager Charlie Gough and DASSH Senior Data Officer Chloe Figueroa Ashforth attended the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) open conference and Jamboree on 27and 30 November 2023 in Brussels, Belgium.

EMODnet is a network of organisations supported by the EU’s integrated maritime policy. These organisations work together to observe the sea, process the data according to international standards, and make that information freely available.

The aim of the Jamboree was to bring together EMODnet partners and associated partners to discuss EMODnet’s critical and expanding role in powering the European Marine Data Ecosystem: “For a digital and green future”.  

The conference provided a unique opportunity for a wider group of stakeholders from Europe and around the world to gain access to cutting-edge marine data service updates, and to connect and exchange with EMODnet experts, partners, and data providers. EMODnet will continue to evolve through well-identified opportunities on the way to 2035.  

DASSH Senior Data Officer Chloe Figueroa Ashforth and DASSH Data Manager Charlie Gough at the EMODnet Open Conference

Conversations focused on specific thematic data types (including seabed habitats, ocean chemistry, biology) as well as cross-thematic discussions for enabling and supporting multi-disciplinary ocean science.  

Chloe Figueroa Ashforth presented the work of DASSH in the Open Conference plenary session sharing the role of DASSH in the UK and internationally as well as sharing some of the groundbreaking work they have been leading on the integration of eDNA and imagery-derived occurrence data.

DASSH (The Archive for Marine Species and Habitats Data) hosted by the MBA is a key partner in the work of EMODnet and works closely with the organisation ensuring the accessibility of data across the UK and flowing into EU data systems.