Marine Biological Association Announces Winner of MBA Prize

MBA Prize Winner Constance Little and Head of Membership Jo Langston. Photo from the University of Plymouth.

The Marine Biological Association (MBA) is pleased to announce the recipient of this year’s prestigious MBA prize.

MBA MRes student Constance Little has been awarded Outstanding Performance on a Marine Biology Programme at Plymouth University by the MBA and University of Plymouth.

Constance said: “This prize meant so much to me. I was apprehensive starting my Masters and it gave me the boost I needed to enter the next steps of my career in marine biology with confidence. I am very grateful for the award and have enjoyed the warm welcome from the MBA.”

The MBA prize is awarded annually to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of marine biology. This year, the prize has been awarded to an exceptional individual who has demonstrated remarkable dedication and excellence in their research.

The prize serves as a testament to the importance of marine biology in understanding and preserving our ocean. It recognizes the significant impact that individuals can have in advancing our knowledge of marine ecosystems and their conservation.

Head of Membership Joanna Langston presented the prize at the University of Plymouth Graduation Ceremony.

Joanna said: “The MBA is proud to support and promote excellence in marine biology through the MBA prize. By recognizing individuals who have made significant contributions to the field, we hope to inspire future generations of marine biologists and foster continued research and conservation efforts.”