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Our ocean inspires all. Its life is wondrous, vastly undiscovered, and integral to sustained life on our planet. Understanding its complexity, from whole ecosystems to single-cell organisms, is vital if we are to tackle the biggest issues we face today.

As part of our ocean inspired campaign, we have developed four funds designed to address inequality, inspire young people, support excellence and drive innovation. 

We believe in a world where marine biology is an easy and accessible career choice for everyone. However, like every other sector we are aware there are issues that make us inaccessible. A diversity of voices and a holistic representation in marine biology are essential to ensure world-class, innovative and relevant research. 

We have developed the Ocean Equity fund to address these issues through a range of tailored projects, such as bursary support, subsidising volunteer positions, hardship and maintenance support, publication support as well as career development and career pathway advice. 

Our ocean should be accessible to all. If you are inspired then please support our Ocean inspired campaign by making a donation to the Ocean Equity fund. 

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We believe that all young people should be inspired by, value and respect our ocean, want to protect it, and make unlocking its secrets their lifelong passion. However, so many young people are simply not aware of the integral part the ocean plays in their lives, whether they live in a land locked community or on the coast.

The Ocean Futures fund has been developed to support a portfolio of projects and resources that seek to inspire young people. Through the wonders of ocean life, they will discover the importance of the ocean in all our lives. They will learn that marine biology is an accessible, achievable and rewarding career destination.  

If you want to inspire the next generation and instil a lifelong love for our ocean, please support our ocean inspired campaign by making a donation to the Ocean Futures fund today. 

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We want the most promising researchers in marine biology from all over the world to have the opportunity to come, study and conduct research at our world-class facilities on Citadel Hill in Plymouth. Paying for travel, accommodation and other living costs can become a barrier for even the brightest of stars from continuing a research career.

Our Ocean Excellence fund has been developed to support the best in marine biological research. Wherever their journey, this fund will support whenever and wherever there is a need through the provision of scholarships, funded chairs, bursaries, travel assistance, hardship support, and other research related areas that require additional funding. 

If you believe in the importance of ground-breaking research and want to help remove financial barriers and fulfil academic achievement then please join us by supporting our ocean inspired campaign by making a donation to our Ocean Excellence Fund. 

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We believe in constantly pushing the boundaries of our understanding of ocean life. This is where the greatest breakthroughs and greatest strides in our understanding happen. Innovation does not always mean brand new but could include looking at things through a different lens.

We have developed the Ocean Innovation fund to drive change and act as a seed fund that encourages and drives innovative ideas and projects to become tried and tested concepts. We aim to trial ideas, learn lessons and refine these ideas into fundable research propositions that could lead to fundamental breakthroughs in our understanding of our ocean. 

If you are inspired by innovation, love imagining the impossible, get excited about the prospect of pushing the boundaries of our understanding then this fund is for you. Please support or ocean inspired campaign by making a donation to our Ocean Innovation fund.

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