Following the Marine Biological Association's Council meeting at the beginning of November, we are excited to be welcoming three new Fellows of the MBA. 

Dr Ranjeet Bhagooli FMBA, University of Mauritius

Dr Bhagooli [CMarSci (Oceanography) CSci CBiol FMBA FRSB FIMAREST, UK] is an Associate Professor and leads the Pole of Research Excellence in Sustainable Marine Biodiversity at the University of Mauritius. He studies tropical ecosystems including coral reefs. Dr Bhagooli participated in research cruises such as the FAO EAF-Nansen 2018 Research Cruise on board the “R/V Dr Fridtjof Nansen” and the 2005 expedition at the Australian Casey Antarctic Base on board the “Aurora Australis”. He serves as the Vice-President of the Western Indian Ocean Association of Marine Science and a councillor of the International Coral Reef Society.

Professor Ross Coleman FMBA, University of Sydney

Prof Ross Coleman BSc (Hons), PGC, PhD, FLS, FMBA, PFHEA is a marine ecologist specialising in near shore systems, based at the University of Sydney. He is currently Director – Graduate Research, a PVC level role responsible for strategy and policy in respect of research education. Prof Coleman completed his PhD and postdoctoral research at the University of Southampton, before starting an academic career at the University of Plymouth. Prof Coleman was recruited by Sydney in 2004 to continue the research capabilities and teach expertise developed by Prof A.J. Underwood FAA. Prior to coming to Australia, Prof Coleman served on the MBA where he represented research education on the MBA Education Committee, and developed the MBA Postgraduate Conference model which is now in its second decade. Prof Coleman has represented the discipline at the NSW Marine Parks Board and most recently has served as convenor of the Group of 8 Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies Committee.

Professor Paul Rodhouse FMBA, British Antartic Survey

Paul G. K. Rodhouse B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc., FMBA, FLS is an Emeritus Fellow at the British Antarctic Survey where he has worked as a seagoing scientist, principle scientist applied fisheries research, head of biological sciences and board member. His research on marine resources and large-scale ecology was in the Antarctic, South Atlantic, Peru and, before joining BAS, the USA and Ireland. His graduate training was at the Oceanography Department, Southampton University. He has been president of the Cephalopod International Advisory Council, Chair of the SCAR Evolanta Programme, member of NERC’s Science Innovation and Strategy Board, and honorary Professor at the University of Aberdeen. Prof. Rodhouse is a long-standing member of the MBA elected in 1973.

Nov 17, 2020 By loiflo