MBA member awarded an OBE

Richard Thomson © Plymouth University
A member of the Marine Biological Association has been awarded an OBE in recognition of his research into marine pollution by plastics. Professor Richard Thomson highlighted the presence of microplastic (coining the now familiar term) in the ocean...

Unlocking the microbiome - new report out now

Declan Schroeder. Image Maya Pfaff
Dr Declan Schroeder sampling a bloom of microalgae.
The microbiome is the entire community of microbes within a habitat and the surrounding environmental conditions. It holds arguably the most important and extraordinarily diverse forms of life on the planet, and sustains the biodiversity of life on...

The mysterious nocturnal migrations of skates

A blonde ray Raja brachyura
MBA scientists have shown for the first time how skates make night-time forays into shallower water. This unique window on the fine details of fish behaviour was made possible by data from electronic tagging, and may influence the management of...