Professor Dan Laffoley – Membership and Engagement Committee

Dan is Emeritus Marine Vice Chair of IUCN’s World Commission on Protected Areas. During his near two decades of work for IUCN he supported the global increase of MPA coverage from around 1.3% to the c8% seen today, the creation of the global 20 – 30% MPA target in the 2003 Durban Accord, and the ‘at least 30%’ MPA target at 2014 Sydney World Park Congress. The latter, resoundingly supported at the 2016 Hawaii World Conservation Congress, is now adopted for land and freshwater and has become the central focus for negotiations in the CBD’s post 2020 biodiversity framework. He was instrumental in forming the High Seas Alliance, in laying the basis for UNESCO’s marine World Heritage Programme, and creating influential phrases as ‘marine and coastal carbon sinks’, ‘ocean risk’ and ‘natural solutions’. Working with Professor John Baxter, he created some of the most downloaded publications for IUCN in recent decades, elevating topics such as ‘ocean warming’ and ‘ocean deoxygenation’ into the public domain. He led the development of specific marine WCPA guidance on the IUCN Management Categories and led the development of IUCN’s MPA Standards. He is also a non-executive board member of the Office for Environmental Protection.

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