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Research at the MBA

The MBA research programme is recognized for its excellence and diversity, and reflects a long-standing commitment to the development of marine biology.

An overarching rationale for our programme is to understand mechanisms that underlie key marine life processes.  This includes research on model marine organisms that informs our broader knowledge of fundamental mechanisms as well as research that is specifically targetted at understanding  biogeochemical and ecological processes and their complex interactions with environmental factors, including long-term and rapid environmental change.

The research programme covers a range of disciplines including cell biology, physiology and functional biology, phytoplankton dynamics, ecology and animal behaviour and ecosystem change.   Long-term studies of the biology of the English Channel have been supported for more than 70 years.


The MBA Research Programme

Research Staff


We receive research funding from a wide range of sources, including Research Councils (NERC, BBSRC), EU Framework programmes,  EU Interreg, and charitable organisations.