MBA Sepia trials 'Ocean Indicator'

MBA Sepia
Recently colleagues from the Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science (SAHFOS) were on board MBA Sepia to test a new piece of equipment, the ‘ocean indicator’. MBA Sepia assisted in the testing of the ocean indicator, towing...

Seaweeds succumb to viruses too!

oar weed (Laminaria digitata)
Scientists from Plymouth are warning the UK kelp biofuel industry to beware of viruses. Whilst known to infect certain types of seaweed, a new study published in the ISME Journal is the first to describe viruses in kelps, which are important both...

Will a non-native macroalgae change our kelp forests?

Native kelps are important habitats for marine wildlife
Native kelps are important habitats for marine wildlife.
A new paper published by a group of researchers at the MBA considers the interactions between native macroalgal canopies and the non-native kelp Undaria pinnatifida (Wakame). A mixture of field surveys and manipulations on the rocky reefs of...