Young Marine Biologist 

Young Marine Biologist (YMB) is the MBA's membership category dedicated to those of you passionate about marine biology aged under 18. Get involved!

Young Marine Biologist (YMB) is the MBA's membership category dedicated to those of you passionate about marine biology aged under 18. MBA members are part of a global community of marine biologists and, through YMB, enthusiastic young members are welcomed into this community.

By choosing to become a Young Marine Biologist, as well as joining a global community of marine biologists, you are supporting our research, education and outreach work dedicated to better understanding all aspects of life in the sea. In return, we are comitted and look forward to helping you through taking important first steps in beginning a career in marine biology. Here is how we can help:

  • Receive relevant careers information in your welcome pack and throughout your time as a YMB;
  • Stay up-to-date with developments in the field of marine biology by receiving free copies of The Marine Biologist, the MBA’s popular science publication;
  • Enjoy opportunities to gain and develop important skills that will help you pursue a career in marine biology with access to bursaries and discounts on MBA-led training courses;
  • Be an active member of the community by submitting articles, photos, comments etc for publication in the monthly YMB Blog;
  • Meet other like-minded people by attending Member only survey days (e.g Box Cores on Sandy ShoresEstuarine Oyster Survey) and other MBA-led events;
  • Be proud to be a YMB with the exclusive limited edition ‘I’m a Young Marine Biologist’ kit bag included in your welcome pack. Renewing members receive an MBA snood!
  • Keep your knowledge and enthusiasm for the marine environment alive by making the most of the FREE ENTRY to the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth, an exclusive YMB member benefit.

Whether you are beginning a career in marine biology or looking to develop knowledge of the subject to support your studies, MBA membership will give you what you need.


Being a member of the MBA means you're part of a dynamic and dedicated community working to promote research into all aspects of life in the sea. As well as supporting our work, membership also gets you these exclusive benefits including:



YMB is for anyone under the age of 18 who is interested in marine biology.



Our YMB membership is fantastic value at £15 per year!  


How to join

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This page brings you the stories of former YMB members who have now progressed onto university studies and student membership. We hope you will enjoy hearing of their passion and career choices and that this may help you in your marine biology pursuit.

Marine biology has always been a passion of mine from a young age and I knew it was a career path I would always want to follow. I studied all of the relevant science options in school and did as much research as I could outside of school. This really helped boost my knowledge of the subject and it also made me more and more enthusiastic with every book I read or documentary I watched. I would visit aquariums at any opportunity and got involved in the marine science community in any way I could.

I joined the Marine Biological Association as a Young Marine Biologist and this provided many opportunities that I wouldn’t have known about had it not been for the MBA. Receiving The Marine Biologist magazine also improved my knowledge of marine science and gave me access to new, relevant and exciting marine research. Recently I have started my studies at Plymouth University for a degree in Marine Biology and so far I am loving it! I have also recently progressed to a student membership because of this and there are a multitude of opportunities awaiting me – the membership discounts for training courses and conferences, networking opportunities and career development opportunities will greatly benefit me in my time at university and as I progress in my career in marine biology.

For anyone aspiring to a career in marine biology, don’t let anything stop you! I’m so lucky that I can now say I’m following my dream and doing what I have always wanted.

Georgia Woolf-Holloway

My name is Caitlin, and I’m studying Marine Biology at Plymouth University. As a child in a land-locked town, coastal trips were a rare excitement which had me scouring rock pools, searching for the secrets that lay within. Finding the incredible diversity of life in the world’s oceans ignited my passion for Marine Biology.

Ever since, I have been hooked on the subject, and have seized every opportunity to study the ocean; the YMB helped me to achieve this. The huge wealth of knowledge available, especially in the learning zone, is intriguing and stimulating. Receiving The Marine Biologist magazine is also a fantastic way to increase understanding and involvement. It encouraged me to seek further opportunities, including participating in an internship at the Cetacean Research and Rescue Unit (CRRU), and undertaking further research into areas such as ocean acidification. Even on my school field trip to Anglesey, I was enthusing over our study of dog whelks, unlike the other cold, miserable students!

The opportunities on offer at the MBA all year round, coupled with these sources of inspiration, have definitely helped me to start my journey to becoming a marine biologist. Student membership at the MBA has enhanced my prospects, opening more opportunities for me to enrich my degree and better my understanding. The oceans are of immense and increasing importance to humanity, the work at the MBA certainly highlights this. It is vital that more young marine biologists take a stand for our seas: our future depends on it!

Caitlin McAndry

Marine biology has always been part of my life, as I grew up in a little Welsh fishing village. My interests grew, I decided that I had to do a marine biology degree. I looked for activities and volunteering opportunities which would help me to get a place at university. The earlier I started volunteering, the more I could do before I reached university, therefore if I didn’t make the grade requirements my passion and experience might pull me through. This is how I came across the MBA. Being a Young Marine Biologist helped inspire me and gave me great contacts to do marine related work experience and volunteering. Soon after I joined, I got involved in volunteering such as with the HWDT and many others. Without the MBA’s enthusiasm and contacts within marine biology I might not be where I am now.

On another note the YMB scheme gave great information about choosing A levels. These were helpful as it helped me decide my A levels, which got me into university to study Marine Biology & Coastal Ecology. The Marine Biologist magazine was also great for reading, keeping up to date with new and interesting science. Some of which even assisted me in tackling some interview questions for university.

Now I’m at university and have re-joined the MBA as a Student member, it’s still providing me with great information and volunteering opportunities, which can now aid me in progressing to receive my degree and eventually become a marine biologist.

Alys Perry

November 2019 YMB Blog

Posted on Nov 14, 2019

Welcome to the November 2019 YMB Blog!

Hello YMB Members! This month’s YMB Bulletin brings you some really exciting news and opportunities, especially for those of you starting to think of future careers in marine biology, those interested in climate change and the keen readers out there. So continue reading to find out more about why you should join us at the YMB Summit 2019, how to apply for Work Experience at the MBA, and for opportunities to apply to write YMB book reviews.


Work Experience Week 2019

Posted on Nov 14, 2019

Each year in July, the Marine Biological Association welcomes six budding marine biologists aged 14 to 18 to the laboratory in Plymouth to showcase what we do here and get a taste of the career opportunities in marine biology. Of the many applications received each year, only six places are available making the selection process competitive.

This year’s successful students experienced working alongside professionals in many different fields of marine biology. Collecting data to help...

Marine Science Camps 2019

Posted on Nov 13, 2019

Participant Seabird and marine mammal sampling

Over 100 young people, mainly aged 16-18, took part in the 2019 Marine Science Camps programme. The six camps were hosted at well-equipped FSC centres across the UK, and were co-delievered by experienced FSC tutors and MBA marine biologists. Each camp had a unique flavour and provided great opportunities to gain key skills in aquatic biology, ecosystem surveys and species identification, as well as to meet like-minded peers and professionals to gain insights into marine biology careers....

May 2019 YMB Blog

Posted on May 16, 2019

world ocean day for schools
Welcome to the May 2019 YMB Blog!

Hello YMB Members! As promised, the return of the YMB Blog brings some exciting opportunities for you. Whether you have just joined and are new to the community, and whether you are 6 or 16 years old, there is something for everyone so make sure you continue reading to find out more.

And remember, we would love you to contribute to the content of this blog as much as possible. Please share your stories, reports, finds and photos...

July 2017 YMB Blog

Posted on Jul 27, 2017

Welcome to the July 2017 YMB Blog!

Hello YMB Members! I hope you will join me in celebrating the news I bring for you today - The YMB Summit 2017 tickets are now available for sale - continue reading for more information. Also this month, the Blog brings you a YMB Member Article by Jordan Havell with his latest discoveries. Last but not least, I remind you that nominations for the 2017 UK Awards for Biological Recording and Information are still open, and share with you an interesting video...

May 2017 YMB Blog

Posted on May 26, 2017

Welcome to the May 2017 YMB Blog!

Hello YMB Members! We are still busy working behind the scenes planning the exclusive YMB Summit event for you, which will take place on 28th October 2017. So this month’s Blog brings you some brief marine biology news, a YMB Member Article by Jordan Havell and some interesting opportunities for you. I hope you will enjoy this month's reading.

And remember, we would love you to contribute to the content of this blog as much as...

April 2017 YMB Blog

Posted on Apr 13, 2017

Welcome to the April 2017 YMB Blog!

Hello YMB Members! You might be wondering why have we been so quiet with the YMB updates? Well, we have been busy working behind the scenes planning an exclusive event for you. We are delighted to announce that the first YMB Summit will take place on 28th October 2017 and we would like to see as many of you there as possible. This month’s Blog also brings you a flashback to the Marine Biologist for a Day event that took place last month, with a Member...

The Young Marine Biologist (YMB) Summit is a MBA event for 12-18 years-olds consisting of a series of talks and workshops, networking opportunities and a careers Q&A session. The aims of the event are:

  • To facilitate inclusion of young members in the marine biology community;
  • To provide opportunities for networking, and meeting other marine biologists and representatives from marine biology course providers.

The 1-day annual event helps fulfil the MBA’s commitment to working as a catalyst for life-long engagement into our ocean, providing young people aspiring to study marine biology with an opportunity to gain experience and make well-informed decisions regarding their career.

Launched in 2017, the YMB Summit aims to reach the maximum number of young people possible. To this end, the event is held at a new location each year, working with partners locally to showcase opportunities and expertise in marine biology. If you wish to work with us, please contact

YMB Summit 2019

For its third edition, the Young Marine Biologist Summit is returning to Plymouth, taking place on Saturday, 14th December 2019. 

If you are a 12-18 year-old passionate about the marine environment and eger to gain valuable expereince, join us for a day dedicated to learning about marine biology and about relevant opportunities in the field.

For 2019, the YMB Summit will aim to cover the all impotant topic of Climate Change, including helping you to navigate this complex subject and finding out how you can make the difference.

Make the most of this opportunity: The YMB Summit is all about helping you gain important skills for your future career. We chose Climate Change as the theme for this year and want to encourage YOU to share your views/knowledge on the subject by giving a pre-prepared 7 minutes talk or poster presentation during the Summit. A limited number of bursaries to help with the cost of the ticket is available for those who are selected to give talks. So, in order to be fair with everybody, please send a short (up to 150 words) paragraph summarising the topic of your presentation and why it is important to deadline for applications is 1 December. This process is designed to mimic the submission of an abstract for presentation at a conference, which is a process marine biologists experience on a regular basis throughout their professional careers. Please do consider making the most of this unique opportunity to practice key skills in a safe environment.


When: Saturday 14th December 2019, 9.30 - 16.30 

Where: Marine Biological Association, Citadel Hill, Plymouth, PL1 2PB. Directions here

Cost: Tickets cost £30 per person and include: talks, workshops, welcome pack; sandwich lunch and refreshments throughout. Young Marine Biologist members enjoy a generous discount on the event fee. If the cost of the ticket is a barrier to you attending, please do get in touch by emailing

For more information please contact us by emailing

Help us promote the event. Download flier here

Not a YMB member yet? JOIN NOW

Important Documents:


YMB Summit 2018

The second edition of the Young Marine Biologist Summit took place on Sunday, 25th November 2018 at the Baden-Powell House, LondonFollowing a successful pilot in 2017, expectations were high for the 1-day event consisting of talks, workshops and a careers Q&A. The second edition of the Summit focused strongly on empowering the next generation of marine biologists by:

Sea Changers workshop: In 2018, we were fortunate to have secured Sea Changers funding to run a special workshop to showcase and share practical knowledge on how to successfully become an advocate of marine conservation. Participants meet and were inspired by marine conservation champions, who shared stories and top tips on how to make a positive difference for the health of our seas and ocean.

Make the most of this opportunity: We strongly encouraged participants to present at the event, either by giving a brief talk (10 minutes) or bringing a poster on a topic of their choice. We were encouraged by the take up and welcomed 15 young people to the stage to present their work, who made the most of the excellent safe and friendly environment to practice key communication skills. Applicants were invited to apply for a limited number of bursaries to help with the cost of event tickets, kindly sponsored by George Allen, a marine biology student from the University of Plymouth. 

We would like to thank the exceptional team of staff and volunteers who help shape the event, and valuable support from a number of local organisations, including:


  • Sea Changers
  • Pixalytics
  • Individual donors

In kind support:

  • National Marione Biological Library
  • Go Jute
  • Pixalytics
  • Bug Life
  • UKHO
  • Karavan
  • Life Turtle Ocean Divers Ltd
  • Marine Conservation Society
  • BioLondon
  • Eco Cuisine

Details for 2018 were as follows:

When: Sunday 25th November 2018, 9.30 - 16.30 

Where: 65 Queen’s Gate, Baden-Powell House, London, SW7 5JS 


YMB Summit 2017

In 2017, the MBA launched a new initiative for 12-18 year olds passionate about marine biology and keen to gain valuable experience for a career in marine biology. The YMB Summit was a 1 day event set up to provide young people with an opportunity to discover what to expect on their journey to a successful marine biology career and help them make well-informed decisions.

We strongly encouraged YMB members to present at the event, etheir by giving a brief talk (10 minutes) or bringing a poster on a topic of your choice. This was an excellent safe environment to practice communication skills and we were delighted to host three presentations from YMB members, as well as one poster.

What to expect: 

  • Talks from inspirational marine biologists
  • Interactive workshops
  • Meet other like-minded members
  • A careers Q&A session

We would like to thank the exceptional team of staff and volunteers who help shape the event, and valuable support from a number of local organisations, including:


  • Plymouth University Marine Institute
  • Plymouth Sound Diving

In kind support:

  • Wild Nature Press
  • Field Studies Council
  • National Marione Biological Library
  • Go Jute
  • National Marine Aquarium
  • Pixalytics
  • Rockfish Plymouth
  • Shark Trust
  • Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Sciences
  • Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Details for 2017 were as follows:


Saturday 28th October 2017, 10.00 - 17.00 


Tickets cost £30 per person and include: talks, workshops, welcome pack; sandwich lunch and refreshments throughout.


The Marine Biological Association
Citadel Hill                                                          

Directions here

For a short summary of the day, including photos, visit our Blog, here 

For more information please contact us by emailing