Editor’s blog #1

A warm welcome to my blog as editor of The Marine Biologist – the magazine of the marine biological community.

I am very excited to take on the role of editor of this new magazine, a specialist publication which at the same time can include oceans of fascinating material. Articles on education and societal issues can rub shoulders with stories from the deeper areas of research.  I am particularly interested in how the magazine will evolve – a process that can only take place as a result of communication between the editorial team and the readership – but more on that below.

The direction and content of The Marine Biologist is overseen by an editorial board that includes Paul Rose (explorer, TV presenter), Dr Matt Frost MBA Deputy Director (Knowledge Exchange) and myself. With access to publishing experience and some of the best research and writing available in the field, I am confident we can put together a magazine that will appeal to all parts of the marine biological community.

Over the coming months (and years) I will add my thoughts (and, I hope, some of yours) to this page, so that it will become a record of the smooth and methodical (!) progress of the new magazine. Incidentally, the more brackets, hyphens and digressions I can get off my chest here, the less danger there is that they will appear in print.

It is clear to me that if the magazine is to be relevant for the marine biological community and to improve issue on issue, there needs to be real communication between you, the MBA members and the publication team here at the Citadel Hill Laboratory. Please take that as an open invitation to email, phone or even drop in if you are nearby with your thoughts. The more ideas, news, opinions, feedback, ranting etc. you can give me, the more relevant and varied the magazine will be, and that will be good news for all of us.

So, where are we at with the first edition of The Marine Biologist? The timing of publication is tied to developments at the Marine Biological Association which will become clear in the coming months, and Issue 1 will go to print ‘later in the year’.

And for me, it’s time to get down to the business of speaking to authors, editing stories and finalizing the design of the magazine.

Guy Baker

Editor, The Marine Biologist

Tel: 01752 426239