Nora Salland

PhD Student

Nora Salland smiling on rocky shore in a wetsuit holding mask and snorkel

I am a marine ecologist and postgraduate researcher in Dr Dan Smale’s group (BEECH – Benthic Ecosystems and Environmental Change). I have a keen interest in kelp forest community structure and the ecosystem services it provides. My research is focused on the effects of climate change stressors (especially ocean warming) on foundation species such as kelps, their associated flora and fauna community, and shifts of species distributions in the NE Atlantic. I will explore resulting physiological responses of kelp to changing conditions on both individuals and population based levels, as well as the impacts on the entire ecosystems. Before starting my PhD in Plymouth in 2019 (enrolled at the University of Southampton, INSPIRE DTP), I studied Biological Sciences (BSc) and Marine Biology (MSc) at the University of Rostock in Germany at the Baltic Sea. I have work experience in Canada, New Zealand and Chile as well as on board of scientific vessels.