Kes Scott-Somme, MSc, Mem.MBA, ACIEEM

CPR Plankton Analyst

Kes Scott-Somme

I am a Research Assistant on the Darwin Tree of Life project where I work on collecting, identifying and processing marine organisms. I have an FdSc in marine ecology and conservation from Sparsholt College, a BSc in Marine Biology from Portsmouth University, and an MSc in Aquatic Science from University College London (UCL). I have had a varied career working in environmental science and conservation, from communications, research, consultancy, to public engagement and project coordination. I have always had a passion for doing whatever I can to protect, preserve and promote nature in all its forms, and have been involved with some really exciting projects. Some examples are: NERC Future of our Seas (FOOS) where I delivered a storytelling adventure about my research on European eels at Plymouth pirate weekend and the UCL conservation society which I co-founded alongside other interested students and staff, and set up our hugely successful series of talks, featuring names like George McGavin, Nick Baker and Chris Packham. I have picked up fun skills along the way, in everything from electrofishing to diving. Ultimately I love communicating the importance of our natural world, and studying it in any way I can- but preferably looking down a microscope!