Hannah Parry-Wilson, BSc, MSc

PhD Student

Hannah Parry-Wilson


I changed my career direction in 2016 when I began my MSc in Applied Marine Science at the University of Plymouth after originally studying broadcasting techniques and performance at undergraduate level. Having volunteered for the Mieszkowska research group during my Masters degree, I worked for a year as a Field Assistant for the national citizen science project, Capturing our Coast. I am now a PhD student at the University of Southampton based at the Marine Biological Association. My scientific interests are varied, from rocky intertidal gastropods (my PhD research) to seagrass (Masters degree) to deep-sea communities (Natural History Museum PhD placement: 2022). I am fascinated by various aspects of marine ecology; but also take great personal interest in ornithological research from a lifetime of birdwatching. I’m also a proud mum to my 2-year old daughter that was born during my PhD studies.