Dr Abdesslam Chrachri Mem. MBA, PhD

Transition Manager

Dr Abdesslam Chrachri


I received a degree in biology and geology from the Université of Cadi Ayad (Morocco) and a PhD in neuroscience and pharmacology from the Université of Bordeaux (France). After a postdoc at the University of Davis (CA, USA), then another postdoc position at the University of Glasgow, I joined the MBA for the first time in 1992, then moved to join the University of Plymouth as a postdoc from 1996 – 2007. After this I re-joined the MBA as a postdoc where I have worked on various projects until September 2022. I was then appointed to the position of a transition manager to act as the main point of contact for lab. users and Research Fellows, liaising with the MBA Estates Team and relevant contractors and suppliers.