Daniela Sturm

PhD Student

Daniela Sturm


I am a PhD Researcher studying marine phytoplankton biogeography and physiology which involves work on environmental samples as well as laboratory cultures. I am particularly interested in the cell biology of coccolithophores, an important group of marine phytoplankton that have a major impact on the global carbon cycle through their ability to produce an external covering of calcium carbonate plates. I aim to improve our understanding of coccolithophore physiology and their unique life cycle using -omics approaches, bioinformatics, advanced imaging techniques, and novel fluorimetry methods.

I have further spent considerable time at the Sars Centre for Marine Molecular Biology in Norway, where I studied the evolutionary origin of synapses and neurons by investigating nervous system development and characterizing neuronal proteins in the aboral organ of ctenophores.

I am broadly interested in all things marine and biology, as well as science outreach and policy. I love being outdoors and you can often find me training for the next half-marathon or on a multi-day hiking trip along the South-West coast of England

Twitter: @D_J_Sturm