Charlotte Gough

Data Manager

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Following completion of my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the University of Plymouth I spent a decade living and working in southwest Madagascar, here I saw first hand how the lack of information on the status of marine resources undermines local and national efforts to manage and conserve them, and also support local citizen science efforts to collect and manage data to address this deficit.  

Working with the NGO Blue Ventures I led the development of community-based data collection and data visualisation systems within Blue Ventures. These systems are now being used by communities across multiple countries to guide local marine resource management decisions and empower local leaders to advocate for wider policy changes that will help to sustain their fisheries. I am also completing my PhD on small scale fisheries at the University of Exeter. I am joining the MBA team as the Data Manager for DASSH and looking forward to learning more about both UK and Global data systems for marine species and habitats and how sharing data can support better informed decisions about management and protection.