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You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download the resources below.

Survey form

Download the full Shore Thing survey form (updated Sept 2015).

Download the Timed Search survey form (updated Sept 2015) To undertake the Timed Search element of the survey only.

Click here to download a Welsh version of the Shore Thing survey form.

The Shore Thing survey protocol.

Surveying the shore

Information on intertidal life is collected in a structured way, in order to make the results comparable from site to site and from year to year. The Shore Thing survey protocol and methodology has been designed so that data collected is easily entered to biodiversity databases and ties in with existing datasets such as MarClim data.

Download the original Step by Step guide to the Transect Survey

Download the original Timed Species Search protocol.

Teachers resources and training

Training at Kimmeridge (c) S. Trewhella

Teachers participating in The Shore Thing will be offered training in intertidal survey techniques and species identification at one of our partner marine laboratories.

Pre-survey training for teachers and students consists of an hour-long session delivered in school. The session covers an introduction to the project, putting it in the context of the effects of global warming and non-native species on the marine life of Britain and Ireland, and a basic introduction to the survey methodology. A short (15 mins) training video is shown to illustrate the points made. This resource was produced with funding kindly provided by Project AWARE. The lesson concludes with a short identification session using specimens of molluscs and algae brought into the classroom.

View the Shore Thing training video

The lesson will be provided by the marine laboratory or centre delivering the project.

The Teachers' Pack, which provides the most comprehensive guide to conducting Shore Thing surveys, additional classroom resources, teacher's notes, background information and curriculum linked classroom activites for students can now be downloaded from the website by following the link to the Shore Thing Teachers' Pack download page.

Voluntary Groups

The Shore Thing is also aimed at voluntary groups. If you are part of a group who enjoy taking part in surveys and contributing to our knowledge of the marine environment then why not get involved.

If you download the survey protocol you will see that the survey is in two parts:a transect survey and a timed species search. A Level students do both but your group can choose to just do the species search. You will need the support of a rocky shore ecologist to help with the identification of the 22 non-native and climate change species. We can help you with finding an ecologist or there may be someone in your group who is confident at species identification.

Once you have completed your search (you could do more than one if the areas are close together) then remember to download your data and send your forms back to the Marine Biological Association for verification.

Download the Shore Thing Volunteers Recording form

Download the species search cards (22MB) (Adobe Acrobat Reader) (Updated 04_02_15)

Shore Thing E-Newsletters

The Shore Thing Project no-longer produces a regular newsletter, instead, we have set up a Twitter account and Facebook page, please 'like' and 'follow' us to up-to-date with all of our news and updates.

Issue 1 - autumn 2006 - Includes: information on how the project has progressed since it began in April; what a Madagascan primate is doing on the rocky shore and who's been out surveying this year? You can also discover a few 'jaw dropping' facts about climate change and determine your impact on our planet by following the links to the 'Carbon Footprints' at the end of the article.

Issue 2 - summer 2007 (1.4 MB) This edition includes details of this summer's surveys, the training programme, facts about rocky shore species and an interesting article on ALIEN species!

Issue 3 - spring 2008 (808 kb) This edition includes details of the 2007 surveys, an update on the website and data, facts and figures - Our Seas and last but not least the Marine Bill.

Issue 4 (1.65 MB) This latest edition includes articles on: the Google map, Penelope Pinder shares her thoughts on climate change and taking part in a survey and Renewable Energy is the subject of the Facts and Figures.

Issue 5 - European Monitoring Network (1.18 MB) Special edition on the inaugural Summer School held in Porto, Portugal.

New E-Newsletter

Issue 1 - Features a summary of the fantastic work carried out by volunteers during Phase I plus the latest news on climate change from the Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership (MCCIP).

Issue 2 - This edition is packed with news on Shore Thing surveys, training, events and book reviews.

Issue 3 - The new Shore Thing Guide is launched plus news on Shore Thing's international connections: A visit to the National Marine Educators Association Conference (NMEA) in Boston and an exciting project run by the Sven Loven Insitutue in Sweden, International Student Carbon Footprint challenge.