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Thank you for carrying out a Shore Thing Survey we now need your data! The database is set out just like the survey form so should be easy to follow.

Upload data to the database

If you carried out a Transect and Timed Species Search then you will need to complete all sections. For a Timed Species search only, please enter the 'Survey Details' and in the 'Transect Details' section we only need a location (GPS/OS grid reference). You will need to enter ficticious data in the bearings section to allow you to submit your location. On the next page you will see a short cut to the Timed Species Search recording page.

Click on the link to begin uploading your data Shore Thing database.

Upload your survey photos

If you have photos from your survey that you wish to upload please use our photo upload page.

Download results

Use the Shore Thing Google Map to choose a site from which you would like to download all unverified data or you can download results directly from the database.

Please keep an eye on What's new on the MarLIN Web site for news and developments.

Verified data can be downloaded from the NBN Gateway.

Verification and validation of Shore Thing data

To ensure the accuracy of the data, records are checked once in the field by an expert in rocky shore ecology and a second time at MarLIN before being made available to the wider community. However, those taking part in the surveys can use their results before they have been validated.

To gauge any changes in species distribution we need data from the same site year after year. As the database develops we will be able to analyse the results and provide graphical illustrations of the findings and any changes.