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Species of the Month June 2009

Caprella mutica (c) Elizabeth Cook (SAMS)

Common name: Japanese skeleton shrimp

Scientific name: Caprella mutica

A type of crustacean


Key Features:

  • Adults orange to red in colour
  • Male up to 35 - 40 mm long, female 15 mm long
  • First two body segments are elongated in the male and densely covered in fine hairs
  • Second body segment largest of seven
  • Females have a brood pouch covered with dark red spots

Where to look:

Found in association with Sargassum muticum and on artificial structures such as mooring lines and aquaculture cages especially in Scotland.


North-east Asia. Possibly came to UK via shipping (hull fouling and ballast water) and/or aquaculture.



More information:

If you would like to know more about this species or would like to report a sighting please go to www.marlin.ac.uk/marine_aliens/species