Ocean Giants!

The largest animal ever to have lived on this planet is the blue whale. It is bigger than any of the dinosaurs, growing over 33 metres long and weighing more than 15 London double decker buses! The prize for the longest animal however goes to the humble bootlace worm, a specimen of which, found in Scotland  measured 55 metres long according to the Guinness Book of Records. Another contender for the world’s longest animal is the lion’s mane jellyfish. The longest ever recorded was 37 metres!

Solar Powered Sealife!

Many of us know that seaweeds, microscopic algae and plants, which live in the sea need sunlight to photosynthesize and  grow, but did you know that there is also a Solar-powered sea slug (Elysia viridis) which uses the chloroplasts from the plants it eats to convert energy from the sun to supplement its own food supply!

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