With Issue 4 out there and some time before Issue 5 needs my full attention, we have been thinking about how to promote The Marine Biologist magazine more widely (which is why I mention the angry sea – see below). We are posting articles from back issues online, including:

Big, blue and beautiful by Sylvia Earle and Dan Laffoley. Why exploring and valuing planet Earth’s blue heart is the key to future wealth, health and happiness

Oceans of change  by Callum Roberts. Taking the long view of our exploitation of the marine environment.

From equator to ice: environmental science in the south Atlantic by Deborah Davidson and Paul Brickle. A new research institute oversees marine biodiversity and environmental management in the South Atlantic.

Growing white shark populations in US waters – a sign of ecosystem recovery? by Chris Lowe.

As a preview into Issue 4, we are publish online a fascinating article on our interpretation of  climate change evidence and how we communicate climate change impacts.

Forecasting and communicating climate change impacts on marine systems by Nova Mieszkowska and Brian Helmuth.

Social media is an obvious avenue for raising the profile of the magazine, so I head Twitterwards clutching my proposed hashtag #TheMarineBiologist only to find that it has already been used for an episode of Seinfeld of the same name. The quote makes me titter every time: “The sea was angry that day, my friends – like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.”

So, it is with pleasure and regret that I announce the hashtag for The Marine Biologist to be #TMB_Mag