The Objective of this project was to develop the evidence base for mooring and anchoring impacts in marine protected areas (MPAs) and appropriate management options to inform MPA management.  This work comprised: 1) a review of the evidence on impacts of anchoring and mooring, 2) collation of activity data into pressure datalayers; 3) identification of sensitive MPA sites through the development of a risk assessment methodology; 4) management case studies exploring the development of measures within sites; and 5) a high level summary of the governance framework including organisational responsibilities for the control of anchoring and mooring.An improved understanding of the type and intensity of anchoring and mooring activities that may result in damage or deterioration of designated features will support the development of appropriate management measures to ensure MPAs meet their conservation objectives. It is understood that this project is focussed on the direct physical impacts resulting from anchoring and mooring and not indirect effects This work will inform the development of management plans and measures in English and Welsh MPAs.

Funded by DEFRA