Customer organisation name: Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC)

Contract Start Date: 22 November 2018

Contract End Date: 31 March 2019

The Joint Nature Conservation Committee is the public body that advises the UK Government and devolved administrations on UK-wide and international nature conservation. JNCC commissioned the MBA to develop and test Marine Ecosystem Service Optimisation models. We examined how pressures resulting from human activities and their impacts on ecosystem services could be incorporated within Bayesian Belief Network representations of marine seabed habitats. We reviewed evidence for human activity- pressure links and their impacts on the marine environment and the ecosystem components that produce ecosystem services. To our knowledge this is the first attempt to link ecosystem components in terms of the grouping of functionally similar species into functional groups (biological assemblages), with their capacity support intermediate and final ecosystem services. With our partners, AVS Developments, we have developed and parametrised models with user friendly interfaces that can be used to test the impacts of human activities on the delivery of ecosystem services. Managers will use these products to understand and make decisions on the sustainable management of human activities in the marine environment to minimise impacts on natural assets and the ecosystem services they provide.

Reference: Tillin, H.M., Langmead, O., Pegg, S., Carr, S., Gibson- Hall, E., La Bianca, G., Luff, A., Keen, P.W., Wilding, C., Nicholson, J.C., Ivory, P. and van Rein, H. 2019. Development of JNCC Marine Ecosystem Services Optimisation models. Report no. XXX