Name of customer organisation: Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC)

Contract start date: March 2019

Contract completion: April 2019

The Marine Biological Association of the UK, worked with Dr Bryony Pearce of Pelagica Ltd to deliver a contract for JNCC to assess the sensitivity of ecosystem services produced by biogenic habitats (maerl, seagrass beds and Sabellaria reefs). The project team assessed the ecosystem services provided by each of the habitat types and their sensitivity to a range of pressures resulting from human activities. The team’s specialist knowledge of the ecology of seabed habitats, their reference collections of specialist literature and their long track record in consultancy projects were key factors enabling high-quality outputs to be delivered within a challenging time-scale.  This work builds on previous tools, including existing MarLIN sensitivity assessments, to reduce uncertainties and provide new evidence and insights to support management of the marine environment.

Reference: Tillin, H.M., Langmead, O., Pearce, B. 2019. Assessing the sensitivity of the ecosystem services provided by maerl, seagrass beds and Sabellaria spinulosa reefs to human pressures. JNCC Report No. #