Harriet Dale

Harriet is a PhD student studying the effect of invertebrate bioturbation on sediment microbial communities, with a particular interest in microbes that mediate nitrogen cycling processes. This research uses incubation and field experiments to understand how the different feeding and burrowing traits of invertebrate species affect various aspects of microbial community structure and activity. These impacts on key microbial groups can then be related to observed effects on nitrogen cycling, to establish functional links. This research is funded through the NERC SPITFIRE DTP at the University of Southampton, and is supervised by Dr Michael Cunliffe (MBA), Professor Martin Solan (UoS), and Dr Phyllis Lam (UoS). Before starting at the MBA, Harriet studied for an MSci in Marine Biology from the University of Southampton, where her research project focused on differences in the bioturbation behaviour of a native and invasive clam species under various temperature and carbon dioxide regimes.

PhD Student
+44(0)1752 426257