Mike Carter-Gates
After completing a BSc in Biological Science, Mike obtained a Master’s Degree in Marine Biology from Plymouth University in collaboration with the Marine Biological Association, graduating with distinction. His project focused on the development and application of a bioinformatics pipeline to characterise the Phaeoviral infection of the brown algae Feldmannia irregularis. Mike is currently carrying out research at the Marine Biological Association as part of his PhD which is looking at a multiomics approach to determining Arctic ecosystem robustness. His research is funded through NERC by the SPITFIRE DTP, supervised by Dr Declan Schroeder (MBA), Dr Tom Bibby and Professor Mark Moore (University of Southampton). This research aims to apply powerful and highly sensitive Next Generation Sequencing techniques and bioinformatics analysis to explore the biodiversity of the Arctic marine ecosystem, with the goal of expanding our currently limited understanding of how this biodiversity might change in response to climate change.
PhD Student
+44(0)1752 968707