Christine Wood

Chris is a marine ecologist, with a particular interest in the discovery and study of the spread and phylogeography of non-native species (NNS) of ascidians and bryozoans in the UK and Europe. She has many years’ experience in planning, coordinating and carrying out rapid assessment surveys (RAS) for NNS in artificial habitats in the UK, France and S. America and has been involved in many settlement panel and boat hull studies. She is a contributor of species factsheets and register entries to the GB Non-Native Species Information Portal and risk assessments, and is involved in training for NNS identification and biosecurity. She was a main contributor to the 2014 edition of the UK Identification guide for selected marine non-native species. In 2014 she discovered Hemigrapsus takanoi in the UK. Chris is also interested in growth and reproduction in native and non-native species of ascidians and bryozoans. Currently Chris is studying the growth and reproduction of the invasive bryozoan Schizoporella japonica and developing an antifouling bioassay.

Research Assistant
+(44)01752 426330