Jack Sewell
Jack Sewell

Jack has been involved in developing science interpretation resources and activities for a number of EU projects and is currently developing citizen science projects for 'SeaChange' and 'ENVRI+'. He also currently coordinates the Shore Thing Project and the MBA's training course programme, as well as managing the MBA's 'Marine Life and Environmental Sciences Resource Centre'. He is responsible for developing the MBA's 'Young Marine Biologist' Membership category.
Jack produces illustrations and infographics to facilitate science interpretation which have been published in books, posters, leaflets and scientific papers.
He is currently coordinating the marine node of the Defra funded GB Non-native Species Information Portal which is entering its fifth year. Jack also undertakes desk-based research and provides advice on marine non-native species across a broad taxonomic range for policy makers, environmental managers and marine industry practitioners.He coordinates and delivers information sharing events, including training courses and workshops, as well as producing resources to support information dissemination including species identification guides and web-based materials.

Senior Science Interpreter - Training Facilities Manager - Research Officer
+44 (0)1752 968701