Nick Pope

Nick is an MBA Associate Fellow and is also the MBA’s Health and Safety Advisor.

Nick’s research over the last 25 years has mainly focussed on the sources, behaviour, fate and biological effects of contaminants in the marine environment. Pollutants investigated have included heavy metals; organometals (including the antifoulant tributyltin - TBT); nanomaterials; and more recently, endocrine disrupting compounds. Many of these investigations have been centred on estuarine environments, since these are often the most impacted by anthropogenic activities. A particular focus has been the role of sediments in contaminant sequestration, together with effects of biota on sediment dynamics (erosion, transport and deposition). The impact of terrestrial, catchment-based human activities on estuarine environments is also an area of growing interest. Nick recently coordinated the EU Interreg-funded Channel Catchments Cluster (3C) programme, bringing together 10 Anglo-French partner institutions developing tools for water quality management in the France (Channel) England region. Nick has a wealth of experience in estuarine and boat-based fieldwork, together with laboratory analytical and experimental skills.

Besides research, Nick is the MBA’s Health and Safety Advisor and holds the National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety. Within this role Nick provides expert advice to staff and ensures that the MBA meets its legal health and safety requirements.

Associate Fellow
+44(0)1752 426259