Nova Mieszkowska

Nova's research programme focuses on detecting and forecasting responses of marine biodiversity to climate change. The MBA has some of the most extensive time-series globally, including data on the abundance and distribution of rocky intertidal invertebrates and macroalgae dating back to the 1950s. These time-series were continued or re-started under the MarClim marine biodiversity and climate change programme from 2002-2005 and are still surveyed on an annual basis. This work has been extended to other temperate regions around the world including Europe and New Zealand.
As a physiological ecologist Nova is interested in identifying the biological mechanisms in invertebrates and macroalgae that underpin the macroecological responses to climate warming and ocean acidification. Current research using combined laboratory and field experiments is investigating how increasing temperatures are altering reproductive cycles and impacting recruitment and the effects of climate change on invasive capabilities of non-natives.

MBA Research Fellow
+44(0)1752 968706