Emily Sullivan

Emily provides technical support to the Ecology research group and manages the aquarium and animal research facility at the Marine Biological Association. In addition to assisting with the set up and maintenance of experimental systems, she also assists with fieldwork and ensures health and safety procedures are adhered to across the Ecology research area. Emily is also responsible for the husbandry of any housed animals and ensuring Home Office regulations are complied with within the facility. Emily previously conducted her own research in the Sensory Ecology and Evolution Lab at the University of Exeter, as part of her MSc by Research, studying the effects of underwater noise pollution. She has since fulfilled a variety of roles at the National Marine Aquarium, working with a range of animals as an aquarist (e.g. sharks, rays, cephalopods), assisting with the ReMEDIES seagrass restoration project, and working in conservation education with the public and community groups.

Ecology Lab and Research Aquarium Technician (Maternity Cover)
+44 0(1752) 426360