Yasmin Meeda

Yasmin graduated from the University of Brighton with a BSc in Biological Sciences in 2018 and from the University of Plymouth with an MRes in Marine Biology in 2020. During her undergraduate degree she completed a one-week placement at the Oceanographic Observatory in Banyuls, France, where she explored the effects of different paracetamol concentrations on sea urchin development. Moreover, during a three-month internship at Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology, Yasmin conducted research on the evolutionary origin of neurons in Ctenophores where she gained various skills in molecular biology. In addition to her academic career, she has worked as a Data Analyst for an energy company, as well as, interning as a data assistant with DASSH at the MBA.

Yasmin is now a joint University of Exeter and Marine Biological Association PhD student in the Helliwell lab. Her research at the MBA focuses on understanding diatoms ability to sense and respond to changing phosphorus levels in the ocean. Diatoms are environmentally important organisms and nutrients like phosphorus influence diatom blooms in the ocean, and their growth is thought to be regulated via a phosphorus-calcium signalling pathway. To identify key components of their ability to respond to an influx of phosphorus, Yasmin will be using various molecular techniques to identify key components of the phosphorus-calcium signalling pathway.

PhD Student
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