Emily Cooper

Emily is a PhD student with the MBA, the University of Plymouth and the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ). Her PhD entitled “Marine fungi and the biological pump – a quest for novel biomarkers of key players in the carbon cycle” is funded by the University of Plymouth. Emily will use gas chromatography mass spectrometry to characterise the lipidome of marine fungi, with the aim of finding novel lipid biological marker molecules, ‘biomarkers’ suitable for quantifying (i) the biomass of marine fungi in different environments and (ii) the fungal contribution to the biological carbon pump.

Prior to starting her PhD, Emily completed a BSc in Marine Chemistry at Bangor University and an MRes at the University of Southampton. Her MRes project focussed on the production of organic matter by microbes in the mesopelagic ocean, sparking her interest in the roles microbes play in the marine carbon cycle.

PhD Student
+44(01752 426543